What We Do
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Independent Market Research
& Consulting

Anderson Market Analytics' analysts have wide research experience in several industrial sectors, including information technology, telecommunications, finance, biotechnology, healthcare, education, property and transportation. We provide independent market research/consulting for companies in Malaysia and in the region.

Competitive Analysis
& Benchmark Studies

Conventional business wisdom dictates that one must always be aware of what our competitors are doing to stay ahead of the curve. We conduct detailed competitive business analysis and benchmark your company against top companies in the same sector.

Monitoring Consumer Behaviour
& Trends

Using our current data and research information, we provide useful trends on consumer behaviour. This information can be used to fine-tune your sales and public relations strategy. Anderson Market Analytics also conducts customised consumer behaviour and trending research, providing crisp clear business solutions. 

Growth and Expansion Strategy

The ultimate aim of any business is to grow profitably. But profits must be sustainable. According to studies, two-thirds of small businesses survive for the first two years. Only 44% survive for four years. Plan for the long-term. Talk to us. Together, we can craft a sustainable growth strategy for your company.

Technology Due Diligence

As part of the strategy, companies should be able to attract investors for the next phase of growth. Anderson Market Analytics undertakes technology due diligence studies for companies in the ICT, healthcare, biotechnology, real estate, construction and public sector for potential investors. We help to identify the value drivers of a company, the feasibility of product strategies and pitfalls to avoid when pursuing growth.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Anderson Market Analytics also conducts customised quantitative and qualitative research measuring customer perception, brand awareness, pricing study and more. With this information, you can strategise and devise the most effective methods to reach your customers effectively.

Product Launch & Pricing Strategy

Merely having a good product won’t cut it in a hyper-competitive business environment. Having the right pricing strategy and launching the product well are keys to success. Our analysts constantly track shifts in markets through research, giving you valuable insights and ideas.

Campaign Testing

Do you have a winning product or service? Ready to hit the market? We have the software and tools to measure and monitor public response to your campaign online and in print. Our unique software can help track customer perceptions about your product, service or brand.

Corporate Training & Workshops

Anderson Market Analytics conduct workshops to train and equip your employees to help identify market opportunities and leverage on your company’s strengths. At these interactive workshop sessions, we provide in-depth market intelligence and information that will enhance your organisational strategy.

What Makes Us Different?

Anderson Market Analytics research methodologies are based on facts and figures. Our conclusions and recommendations are the result of sound and detailed market research and data analysis.


We track patterns and trends that matter to your business. Our insights help you make informed decisions and forecast the potential of new products and services.

Develop Insights

Markets change rapidly. The needs and wants of customers also evolve with time.

To stay ahead, businesses need to be agile and adapt to change rapidly. Our team monitors consumer behaviour and trends, helping you make decisions that matter. Preparing for the future helps to you stay in business longer and more profitably.